Fantastica Animal Scooters

All of our products come with our Fantastica Quality Guarantee. Each item is safety inspected, cleaned, and sanitized before and after each use. Our experts will go over safety instructions and usage guidelines upon delivery of each item.

For inquiries and booking please call 216-316-8260 or email

Give your party guests something to ROAR over with our fun electronic plush animal scooters! Each scooter is easily operated by a push button on the top right handle bar, steers like a bicycle, has adjustable speeds, and can hold a maximum of 275lbs. They are fun for all ages!

Rental Requirements

  • Our animals need space to roam! We require an indoor venue large enough to accommodate at least 30×30 feet for a set designated riding area so that there is plenty of room for safe fun!
  • Must only be ridden on a smooth flat surface. Smooth cement or tile, hardwood, and commercial carpeting are all acceptable riding surfaces.
  • Permission from the venue is a must. Every venue has different policies. It is helpful to inform the venue while gaining permission that the scooters run very similar to an electric wheel chair. They ride at low speeds (adjustable) and have safe rubber wheels that do not damage flooring. Each rental also includes one of our trained operators to oversee safety issues, assist party guests, and maintain a safe designated riding area. If the venue has any questions or concerns before granting permission they are welcome to call directly at 216-316-8260 or email us at

We have so many animals to choose from! We have something for everyone! Whether you want to ride in style on a beautiful pink unicorn, a graceful giraffe, or a fierce tiger we can accommodate. The scooters are all token operated and can be set to 5, 10, or 20 minute ride slot times which makes taking turns on the scooters very easy for young party guests.

Party packages begin at $300, which includes four animal scooters of your choosing, transport of the scooters, and an operator to assist guests and oversee safety and proper usage for a two hour time slot. Additional scooters may be added to your rental for $50 each. For more pricing information, animal selections, or to book today please call us directly at 216-316-8260 or email

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